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“Welcome to Seascape Kayak Tours. This company began as an outgrowth of my passion for paddling, outdoor education and sharing special marine environments with others. I love introducing people to wild places and helping them feel comfortable and reach their potential on the water. Whether you choose to join us for a sunset paddle, a day trip or an extended expedition, you will travel with just a few others, in a safe, sensitive and environmentally sound manner.”

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Bay of Fundy – Multi-Day TripsNovember 13th, 2018


All of our multi-day trips can be customized to fit your schedule. Contact us with the dates you would like the trip to run and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Majestic Islands and Marine Mammals – BAY OF FUNDY, CANADA

This trip was selected as one of the best new guided experiences in Canada in the April/ May issue of Explore Magazine- Canada’s Outside

Launching from Seascape’s Canadian headquarters on Deer Island, New Brunswick, this four-day, three-night sea kayak expedition takes you into the heart of the West Isles Archipelago to look for four different types of whales which frequent this biodiversity hotspot: Right, Finback, Minke and Humpback. Your group will be accompanied not only by an experienced kayak guide, but also by a marine mammal specialist and naturalist. You will wind your way through this fascinating region and camp on some of the most spectacular islands in Atlantic Canada, thrilling to common sightings of Harbour Seals, Harbour Porpoise and a myriad of sea and shore birds. Casco Bay Island, home to numerous Bald Eagles and located in the midst of a whale feeding ground, is an unforgettably special place. The coastal panorama and abundant wildlife will truly take your breath away.

Dates TBA – Please enquire for details

Three days kayaking, two nights camping,
pre-trip orientation and reception.

$995.00 pp plus tax.

Itinerary in brief

Day 1: Arrival on Deer Island; Check into accommodation; Evening reception and program orientation at Seascape

Day 2: Arrival @ Seascape 9.00am; Trip orientation; Packing and organization of equipment; Sea kayak skills orientation; Paddle to Casco Island; Establish base camp; Paddling and marine life observation; Camp on Casco Island

Day 3: Full day sea kayaking and marine life observation; Return to Casco island for the evening

Day 4: Exploration of the West Isles Archipelago with lunch enroute ; Return to Seascape @ 3.00 pm

  • The Islander (3 days, 2 nights) $995
  • The Archipelago (5 days, 4 nights) $1295
    Our three- and five-day sea kayak expeditions take you into the heart of the West Isles Archipelago. You will wind your way through this fascinating region and camp on some of the most spectacular islands in Atlantic Canada. Casco Bay Island, home to numerous Bald Eagles and located in the midst of a whale feeding ground, is an unforgettably special place. The coastal panorama and abundant wildlife will truly take your breath away.
  • Inn to Inn (2 days, 3 nights) from $795 pp (package price depends on accommodation selected)
    Price includes; two full days of sea kayaking , three nights accommodation, all meals and a complimentary bottle of wine
    Inn-to-Inn expeditions are available to accommodate guests who prefer comfortable accommodations at the end of an exciting day of coastal exploration. You will spend two incredible days exploring the various regions of the West Isles Archipelago and incredible marine life. The Deer Island Inn on Deer Island and the Rossmount Inn at St. Andrews by-the-Sea provide exceptional accommodations and meals for our Inn-to-Inn adventures.
  • 24-Hour Adventure (2 days, 1 night) $595
    For paddlers who have a limited amount of time, we have designed a short overnight experience that maximizes relaxation. Leaving from our sheltered cove on Deer Island, you will paddle out to a secluded island to spend a memorable evening enjoying beautiful scenery, excellent food, wine and good company.

Becoming Part of the TribeNovember 16th, 2017


Deer Island, New Brunswick – Summer 2017

IMG_8467Deer Island, New Brunswick – Summer 2017


The final trip of the year was an incredible full day on October 21… sunny, sweet, warm, soft breezes…a special gift. Thank you Digby and Kirsty for traveling all the way from Spain and Toronto to find a sense of place in the West Isles… This brought a very busy season to a close on Deer Island… It was the season for guests returning for the second, third and fourth time … Rick and Kira who celebrated their honeymoon with me 15 years ago in Costa Rica (a story for another time) wanted to introduce me to their children and therefore returned to Deer island for an overnight expedition in July… This was a fantastic experience… The full circle… I never take it for granted how special our unique paddling experiences with visitors can be… When you share an adventure with people in special environments; stories/ memories/friendships/connections are created… People are touched by our paddling environments and the beautiful, sensitive encounters with wildlife that we provide… A community or tribe of passionate people is created…

In the middle of June we ran our second Coastal Kayaking Leadership program for Dartmouth College outdoor programs from New Hampshire, USA… I will draw from a participants’ reflections in order to provide an understanding of the impact resulting from this experience…

“When I signed up for this trip, I was mostly looking for the thrill of paddling on vast and unpredictable sea water. It is only after the trip with some time for reflection and introspection that I realize this trip is about so much more…Community building , learning about marine ecosystem, navigating tides and currents and contemplating marine protection for this region and its challenges. With this amazing group of friends, mentors and teammates around , we have come along way from not knowing each other to forging a community that cares about each other. I was impressed by the design of this program, which was able to bring out leadership, sense of ownership, community and kayaking skills… In the future, I will look back one day and realize that this was a turning point in my life. This trip has shaped me into a new person.”

IMG_8509This is the third year we have run a program for inner city youth from Saint John… The students come to the Island for three days of paddling, leadership, counseling and community life where everyone is expected to participate equally… The connection with a natural environment provides young people with time to reflect on their life and the path that lies in front of them. It is very satisfying to see the growth that occurs over the short three day period… The spirit of the eagle is always watching and guiding us along the way …


In September, prior to the close of the season, I decided to go on a personal, solo journey… I paddled out to Casco Island to spend 4 days to be close to the Creator… sunrise, sunsets, moonbeams, twinkling stars and firelight… this surrounded by eagles, whales, porpoise and seals… I was alone but not lonely in the least.

This was also a cleanse (no food and very little water), however I returned full of light, positive energia and understanding.

As a tribe of passionate people who have experienced this magical place, we need to come together and work together to protect it… This I believe should be the primary goal of ecotourism: To introduce visitors to a unique environment… to develop an understanding / awareness – sense of place and to engage in the protection thereof.

As I transition to operating our winter paddling experiences in Costa Rica, I consider what makes this small , central American country, one of the happiest places on the planet… there are many reasons; close relationship with the natural world, a strong sense of spirituality, close relationship with family, physical activity and a healthy diet. One additional factor is that Costa Rican’s are happy living within their means… This is an important theme to adopt if we are going to work towards a sustainable future.

I would very much like to take time to share my gratitude and give thanks to everyone who traveled to Deer Island for a paddling experience with us this past summer…I would also like to thank the team of exceptional folks who brought our unique adventures to life (Guy, Harry, Angela, Madison, Julie, Joe, Greg, Anke, and Greg and Annette… exceptional people …). We look forward to seeing familiar faces in the future… to share the stories, memories and connections. I invite you to join us on our paddling adventures in Costa Rica and Canada, and to help us to protect our special marine ecosystems.

Love and courage



Costa Rica 2017/2018November 15th, 2017

The season has begun in Costa Rica… Join us for a unique small group paddling experience in one of the happiest places on the planet… Three exciting destinations to choose from:
Tortuguero National Park (Caribbean coast), Golfo Dulce (South Pacific) and the Gulf of Nicoya (Central Pacific).

Contact us to start planning your warm water paddling adventure.

DSCN6161Tortuguero National Park

CostaRica-2017Golfo Nicoya

IMG_0276Golfo Dulce