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"We specialize in small group travel, which minimizes environmental impact, increases safety standards and allows for personalized, enriching and authentic experiences."

— Bruce Smith, founder and owner, Seascape Kayak Tours Inc.

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A Wonderful Marine Mammals Weekend with Seascape Kayak ToursSeptember 16th, 2012

Bruce! Thanks again for the wonderful trip this past weekend! I’m going to try my best to put into words how I feel about the experience, but words seem inadequate to describe the impact of being surrounded by such magnificence!

Once you launch your kayak into the Bay, you leave behind the hustle and bustle of the workaday world, and all the man made deadlines and priorities and enter another realm. A realm of peace and quiet where wild animals live out their lives separate from ours. Suddenly you gain a small measure of perspective…the chaos of man’s life on earth is not all there is. We are not the centre of the universe, nor should we be! As you paddle slowly and quietly out among the Fundy Isles, you open your eyes to the wonder of the tides and the whales, porpoise, seals, bald eagles, myriad seabirds, and plant life that thrive in this ecosystem. It seems incredible that you could live your day-to-day life in the city mostly oblivious to this beauty!

I have gone sea kayaking elsewhere in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec, but as you know, I keep returning to your company on Deer Island. I have not seen anywhere near the diversity or abundance of marine wildlife in the other locations! You share your extensive knowledge of the area, and the environment and inspire me to learn more and to do my part to advocate for action to protect this extremely special and fragile ecosystem. I rave about my experiences paddling with Seascape to any and all who will listen, in the hopes that they too will go out on the water, right in their own ‘backyard’, to have their eyes opened to all that lives there and the vital importance of respecting this habitat. As we discussed, finding ways to bring more children and youth out on the water should continue to be a priority. If they are able to experience this wonder, and to begin to understand the impact our actions are having on the environment, surely some of them will be inspired to live their lives differently.

Sitting at water level in a kayak, listening and watching as whales surface nearby, as pods of porpoise feed, as seals pop up to curiously observe you while a bald eagle soars overhead, changes something deep inside you. It is extraordinary and we need to preserve it! Thank you so much for making it possible for self absorbed city dwellers to have this experience!

Til next time,

Denise C.

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