Man in Kayak at high tide.

The Bay of Fundy is home to the highest tides in the world. You can experience this dramatic event twice a day, every day! Come visit us between May and September every year.

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Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
May-October every year

Immerse yourself in one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world – right here at Seascape’s home base on Deer Island, the starting point for most of our summer trips. Paddling out from our protected harbor, you’re sure to see Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, and Harbor Porpoise. Being in a kayak for several hours allows you to fully experience the ebb and flow of the tremendous Bay of Fundy tides and enjoy the rugged dramatic coastline, beautiful secluded islands, abundant marine life, lighthouses and quaint fishing villages.

Your kayak trips starts here in Northwest Harbour, Deer Island, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick



Any of our day trips can be customized to fit your schedule. Contact us with the dates and time you would like the trip to run and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Full-day tour (6-7 hours) $150
    Being on the water for a large part of the day allows participants to discover the West Fundy Isles in breathtaking detail. Traveling with the dramatic tides, you become aware of how fascinating this dynamic ocean environment is. Seals, porpoise and even whales are commonly sighted and a delicious lunch is served creatively on the beach. A short hike on one of the offshore islands is often incorporated into the full-day experience.
  • Half-day tour (3-4 hours) $85
    A very popular tour, this half-day adventure can introduce paddlers to the coastline of Deer Island and several nearby islands, or to Ministers Island near St. Andrews. Porpoise, seals and Bald Eagles are commonly sighted and the tour includes a nutritious snack served on the beach. The time of your trip can be tailored to your particular schedule.
  • Sunset paddle (2 hours) $65
    Sunset is a perfect time to be on the water. The ocean is usually very calm and tranquil, providing wonderful opportunities for personal reflection, wildlife observation and photography. Porpoise, seals and numerous shorebirds are commonly seen. And, if sunset doesn’t fit your schedule, we can provide a two-hour trip for you at a different time of day.

How to get to Seascape and what to bring

On multi-day trips, you'll get to camp on some of the most beautiful islands in Atlantic Canada



All of our multi-day trips can be customized to fit your schedule. Contact us with the dates you would like the trip to run and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Majestic Islands and Marine Mammals – BAY OF FUNDY, CANADA

This trip was selected as one of the best new guided experiences in Canada in the April/ May issue of Explore Magazine- Canada’s Outside

Launching from Seascape’s Canadian headquarters on Deer Island, New Brunswick, this four-day, three-night sea kayak expedition takes you into the heart of the West Isles Archipelago to look for four different types of whales which frequent this biodiversity hotspot: Right, Finback, Minke and Humpback. Your group will be accompanied not only by an experienced kayak guide, but also by a marine mammal specialist and naturalist. You will wind your way through this fascinating region and camp on some of the most spectacular islands in Atlantic Canada, thrilling to common sightings of Harbour Seals, Harbour Porpoise and a myriad of sea and shore birds. Casco Bay Island, home to numerous Bald Eagles and located in the midst of a whale feeding ground, is an unforgettably special place. The coastal panorama and abundant wildlife will truly take your breath away.

Cost: $895.00 plus tax per person (4 days, 3 nights)

Limited space   contact us

Itinerary in brief

Day 1: Arrival on Deer Island; Check into accommodation; Evening reception and program orientation at Seascape

Day 2: Arrival @ Seascape 9.00am; Trip orientation; Packing and organization of equipment; Sea kayak skills orientation; Paddle to Casco Island; Establish base camp; Paddling and marine life observation; Camp on Casco Island

Day 3: Full day sea kayaking and marine life observation; Return to Casco island for the evening

Day 4: Exploration of the West Isles Archipelago with lunch enroute ; Return to Seascape @ 3.00 pm

  • The Islander (3 days, 2 nights) $895
  • The Archipelago (5 days, 4 nights) $1295
    Our three- and five-day sea kayak expeditions take you into the heart of the West Isles Archipelago. You will wind your way through this fascinating region and camp on some of the most spectacular islands in Atlantic Canada. Casco Bay Island, home to numerous Bald Eagles and located in the midst of a whale feeding ground, is an unforgettably special place. The coastal panorama and abundant wildlife will truly take your breath away.
  • Inn to Inn (2 days, 3 nights) $660
    Inn-to-Inn expeditions are available to accommodate guests who prefer comfortable accommodations at the end of an exciting day of coastal exploration. Via land or water, you will be shuttled to and from Deer Island to spend two incredible days exploring the various regions of the West Isles Archipelago. The Rossmount Inn at St. Andrews by-the-Sea provides exceptional accommodations and meals for our Inn-to-Inn adventures.
  • 24-Hour Adventure (2 days, 1 night) $495
    For paddlers who have a limited amount of time, we have designed a short overnight experience that maximizes relaxation. Leaving from our sheltered cove on Deer Island, you will paddle out to a secluded island to spend a memorable evening enjoying beautiful scenery, excellent food, wine and good company.

Newfoundland Trips

Seascape offers special extended expeditions to Canada’s easternmost province as interest demands.


Here is a remarkable opportunity to paddle an area of historical tradition.. the fishing capital of Newfoundland

Our paddling adventure will be hosted by Woody Island Resort, situated on of all places… Woody Island in Placentia Bay. This quaint outport fishing village once boasted a population of 400 before government resettlement forced people to relocate elsewhere in the province. Today Woody Island is home to mainly summer visitors who vacation or enjoy weekend getaways in this spectacular and pristine Canadian destination. The resort offers breathtaking scenery, comfortable accommodations, excellent service, traditional Newfoundland meals,live entertainment, and a wide variety of activities.

Our trip begins at Garden Cove, about 2 hours drive from St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. We will meet the skipper of the Merasheen and the owner of Woody island Resort, Loyola Pomroy at the dock, and load our extra gear onto his tour boat.  We will depart Garden Cove for a three hour paddle along sandy beaches and wilderness galore… which will take us through a channel leading out into Placentia Bay. Arriving at Woody Island we pick up our belongings from the tour boat and get our room assignments. After a lunch we will have a short paddle close to the resort, or have a stroll around the northern part of the island on the cart tracks that connect the smaller villages.

For the next 3 days we will paddle along staggering coastlines to a number of resettled Newfoundland communities in Placentia Bay, including Bar Haven, Prowston and Gulch, and have shoreline lunches at Muddy Hole and Plante. Each evening we will enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the resort, get “filled to the brim” on truly homemade Newfoundland meals, sing and dance at the Newfoundland Kitchen Party, and have the comfort of a warm clean bed and hot showers every evening.

Trip Dates: June 28 – July 2, 2013 (5 days – 4 nights all inclusive – kayak guides, accommodations, meals, entertainment, and more).

Trip Cost: $1595.00 plus tax per person (based on double occupancy)

Contact Bruce at

Newfoundland’s Bay of Exploits

Newfoundland affords the chance to see icebergs and whales.

The Bay of Exploits offers the opportunity to view icebergs

Bay of Exploits Expedition (10 days, 9 nights)

Newfoundland is a true Canadian wilderness, a land of mountains, fjords and miles of unspoiled coastline. This intensive journey of discovery takes you to the rugged coastline of the Bay of Exploits in the north central region of Newfoundland. Once home to the mysterious Beothucks, this area is an incredible paddling destination to explore. Outport islands, whales, icebergs and the true warmth of Newfoundland hospitality are yours to experience on this island-hopping adventure.

Cost: $2,350 pp plus tax

Check out our Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland Photo Galleries

Forms for multi-day trip participants


  • Full-day workshops
    Seascape offers coastal exploration workshops focusing on a variety of topics such as yoga, photography and cooking. These adventure seminars include a full day of sea kayaking and highlight a specific aspect of the Bay. Facilitators utilize a variety of teaching methods in sharing their art and unique understanding of the Bay of Fundy. Sea kayaking, art and nature combine to provide you with an exceptional, experiential learning experience.
  • School groups
    We enjoy creating challenging educational experiences for teachers and students. Seascape has developed numerous programs for schools both in the United States and Canada. We will work closely with a school to develop a unique, experiential program that incorporates sea kayaking and the natural and cultural history of the area. The course duration may range from a day trip to a multi-day experience, depending on the established learning outcomes. Programs can be delivered in any of our tour destinations. Contact us to begin the educational adventure.
  • Corporate adventures
    As a specialized service, Seascape can design a corporate adventure for your company. A unique paddling experience will be developed to meet the desired goals and objectives of your organization. This customized adventure sets the stage for learning to take place, barriers to be broken down and people to work together toward a common goal. Celebrate your business successes by getting back to nature together.
  • Summer staff expeditions
    Take a break from the office and embark on a private half-day or full-day sea kayaking adventure with fellow employees and spouses. Your customized adventure can be designed to include a delicious lunch served on the beach and/or a traditional salmon or lobster bake following the trip. We can help you arrange for a variety of overnight accommodations on Deer Island, including camping, hotel or B&B.

*Special programs such as full-day workshops, school groups, corporate adventures and staff expeditions are priced on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the number of participants and the curriculum developed. Contact us to schedule a course or special program.

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