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"We specialize in small group travel, which minimizes environmental impact, increases safety standards and allows for personalized, enriching and authentic experiences."

— Bruce Smith, founder and owner, Seascape Kayak Tours Inc.

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Fall Impressions 2013

Three new folks joined the Seascape team in 2013… Harry Daley and Angela Tomney in Canada and Thomas Enderlin with our operations in Costa Rica. I have asked each of them to share their impressions of the Seascape experience…


The summer here on the Bay of Fundy is short, and we often complain that it passes too quickly. Angela and I took the short drive from Saint John to Seascape’s base on Deer Island every weekend, and we were worried that this busy schedule would only excel an already short summer season. Fortunately the opposite was true. While spending time in the Fundy Isles, practicing yoga in the shop, and accompanying guests on the Bay, time seemed to slow down; we did not take a single moment for granted.

Though only a short trip, Deer Island often felt worlds away from life in the city and was at first a welcome escape. But both Angela and I agree it quickly began to feel like home as we were welcomed with open arms by the great crew at Seascape and the amazing guests we met over the summer. Better yet, we both grew to appreciate Saint John and our roots here on the Bay of Fundy shores that much more; seeing the awe in the eyes of guests still rekindles our appreciation of this special place.

We hope this is only the first of many summers paddling and practicing yoga with Seascape guests here on the Bay of Fundy and are looking forward to visiting Costa Rica this Fall for our first taste of paddling in the tropics with the Seascape family!

- Harry Daley & Angela Tomney

FALL-2Costa Rica

From a young age I have always been drawn to the water. In its infancy, this fascination involved puddles and streams, eventually growing to larger bodies of freshwater, and then the mighty ocean. And I haven’t looked back since.

Often people arrive in Curu Wildlife Refuge on Costa Rica’s North-Pacific coast unsure of what to expect. They know that their trip involves some sea kayaking, but I frequently wonder how aware they are that this experience will require navigating a self-propelled vessel in the open Pacific. Upon realizing this people are often a little apprehensive. They are fine with Curu’s abundant wildlife and stunning secluded beach, but are they really ready for an oceanic journey?

For me this is at once one of the biggest challenges and the most rewarding moments of the experience. Environmental interpretation, careful instruction, and safety talks give paddlers a sense of place and make them comfortable with all the bulky foreign equipment.  Wobbles and stern faces upon launch soon give way to allowing the experience to set in, and as people realize that they are in fact capable of doing what they formerly thought impossible a powerful breakthrough takes place.

While the many single and multi day trips we offer in Costa Rica are not only designed for beginners but paddlers of all tastes and skill levels, I find great pleasure in sharing my love for the ocean with new paddlers, watching peoples’ transformation throughout the course of their experience, and of course seeing their joy as they independently travel across this special place.