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"We specialize in small group travel, which minimizes environmental impact, increases safety standards and allows for personalized, enriching and authentic experiences."

— Bruce Smith, founder and owner, Seascape Kayak Tours Inc.

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Fall is a time of transition and change. Days slowly become shorter and the air feels crisp. All things wild are busily preparing for the upcoming winter, and many of our summer residents will begin making their way south…

Our summer season in Canada began with a wonderful staff training, which was unfortunately followed by the unexpected serious illness of a young staff member – Noah Latchem. Due to the power of the eagle and the dedication of a super medical team, Noah was able to make a complete recovery. Noah has written a story about Seascape, which has been featured in major newspapers across Canada. You can read his story here. Pura Vida amigo…

Our talented leadership team around the world prides itself on providing guests with a deeper understanding the interconnectedness of the dynamic environments on which we paddle.

Denise Neumann Fuhr captures her multi day experience on the Bay of Fundy…

My time with Seascape Kayak Tours was sheer perfection. From start to finish, I felt cared for and welcomed. Guy, my guide, provided a paddling experience that was more than professional…it was personally tailored to my needs, my abilities, and my love of the natural world. 

I found myself blessed with numerous marine mammal sightings and awed by fledgling bald eagles who entertained as they awkwardly took to flight. 

I feel blessed to have discovered this company… I could have asked for nothing more than exactly what I received.


Fall Impressions

Three new folks joined the Seascape team in 2013… Harry Daley and Angela Tomney in Canada and Thomas Enderlin with our operations in Costa Rica. I have asked each of them to share their impressions of the Seascape experience…


The summer here on the Bay of Fundy is short, and we often complain that it passes too quickly. Angela and I took the short drive from Saint John to Seascape’s base on Deer Island every weekend, and we were worried that this busy schedule would only excel an already short summer season. Fortunately the opposite was true. While spending time in the Fundy Isles, practicing yoga in the shop, and accompanying guests on the Bay, time seemed to slow down; we did not take a single moment for granted.


Costa Rica

From a young age I have always been drawn to the water. In its infancy, this fascination involved puddles and streams, eventually growing to larger bodies of freshwater, and then the mighty ocean. And I haven’t looked back since.

Often people arrive in Curu Wildlife Refuge on Costa Rica’s North-Pacific coast unsure of what to expect. They know that their trip involves some sea kayaking, but I frequently wonder how aware they are that this experience will require navigating a self-propelled vessel in the open Pacific. Upon realizing this people are often a little apprehensive. They are fine with Curu’s abundant wildlife and stunning secluded beach, but are they really ready for an oceanic journey?



Seascape Costa Rica – Season About to Start

With winter slowly approaching in New Brunswick, and the Costa Rica winter, or rainy season, drawing to a close, the time has come to transition from north to south.

Costa Rica, the land of rainbows, scarlet macaws, and monkeys is calling, and we have many special multi-day experiences planned for the 2013/14 season.

Check out some of the hightlighted possibilities below… 

We also provide private departures and accommodation-based experiences.



Exploratory Multisport Adventure – Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


We will be engaging on an exploratory paddle to the Osa Peninsula on the southern Pacific coast with the intent on offering a trip to this special place in early 2014.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, National Geographic ranked the Osa Peninsula as “one of the most biologically intense places on earth”, and Jacques Cousteau called its magnificent Golfo Dulce (sweet gulf) the most pristine of the world’s four tropical fjords…

If you’ve dreamed of a sea kayaking and trekking experience in of the world’s most remarkable places then this could be the adventure you’ve been longing for!

Stay posted with stories and photos via Seascape’s blog!


Multi-Day Adventures 2013 & 2014

Our warm water sea kayaking experiences in Costa Rica will begin in mid-November.

In addition to our daily day-trips from Refugio Curu we have a full schedule of multi-day trips that we would to have you join. Multi-day sea kayaking trips are operated from a comfortable basecamp and besides kayaking include snorkeling, hiking and wildlife observation. Each of these multi day experiences also emphasizes the use of fresh local foods as well as sustainable practices to have as light an impact on the local communities and ecosystems as possible. For additional information regarding our trips in Costa Rica please visit our website at

Here are some highlights…

Las Islas del Golfo (5 days / 4 Nights)
November 25 – 29, 2013
December 28, 2013 – January 01, 2014
February 03 – 07
March 7 – 11
Mar 28 – April 01

Brisas del Golfo (3 days / 2 nights)
February 21 -23, 2014



Kayoga 2014

Imagine being part of a small group, kayaking in mystically beautiful waters and practicing yoga on sandy beaches beneath stately, deep-rooted trees. These trips in the warm, tropical setting of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica are open to paddlers and yoga enthusiasts at all levels of experience. Before and after a day of paddling, you will engage in sunrise and sunset yoga practice. If you are seeking a combination of adventure and spiritual awakening, this could be what your mind and body are seeking.

Espiritu del Mar (Kayaking and Yoga – 5 Days / 4 nights)
March  14 – 20, 2014



New Seascape Staff

We are excited to announce the addition of new staff member Thomas Enderlin. Thomas will be a crucial part of Seascape operations as well as the guide team throughout the season in Costa Rica, where his love for wild places and the ocean will surely be a part of destination interpretation.

Welcome aboard Thomas!



Last Wave

Looking forward to sharing a tropical adventure with you in Costa Rica this winter.



Photo contributions for this issue were from Thomas Enderlin, Brian Atkinson, Alexi Huntley Khajavi and Bruce Smith