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"We specialize in small group travel, which minimizes environmental impact, increases safety standards and allows for personalized, enriching and authentic experiences."

— Bruce Smith, founder and owner, Seascape Kayak Tours Inc.

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SEASCAPES-Spring/Summer 2013


Our season in Canada will begin in mid June this year… Our regular schedule of day and multi – day programs will run until mid September…the familiar faces of Guy Quinn, Brandee Diner, Andrea Ednie and Tom Peters will be involved with the operation this season. We are also excited about several new faces joining the team on Deer Island this season…

Noah Latchum

Noah hails from Hudson, Quebec and is currently studying Cognitive Science at Carleton University in Ottawa. Noah brings a combined passion for paddling and music to his work with Seascape. He has previously participated on a Seascape guide training program and will be working as a full time assistant guide this summer.

Harry Daley and Angela Tomney

Harry and Angela are both very excited about being part of the Seascape family this coming season on Deer Island. Both born and raised in Saint John on the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, they are looking forward to learning from Seascape’s staff and guests as well as sharing their own personal experience and knowledge.
Harry has a spent a lot of time on the ocean doing his kayak guide training in Clayoquot Sound on Canada’s west coast.

Angela spends as much time as she can outdoors and has developed a “love at first sight” relationship with the Fundy Isles. She graduated from McGill University as a Registered Dietician. She believes in a holistic approach to wellness and will soon be completing her 200hr Yoga Alliance instructor.


After very difficult contract negotiations a deal was finally reached and Tayra, our meet and greet canine, will be back on the island this summer… Treats and pats will be welcome…

Deer Island Multi-Day Trip Schedule


26 – 28 – The Islander ($695 plus tax for 3 days paddling and 2 nights camping)


12 – 14 – The Islander ($695 plus tax for 3 days paddling and 2 nights camping)

16 – 18 Kayoga – Ebb and Flow with Lauri Nemetz ($895 plus tax for 3  nights, two full days sea kayaking and yoga practice)

Kayoga Program Ebb and Flow – Deer Island, Canada

August 16 – 18, 2013

Yogash chitta vritti nirodha” – Yoga Sutras (Yoga calms the waves of the mind)

Yoga and Kayaking trips are back!  We had a lovely group last summer on Deer Island of several “alumni” and will be repeating a summer trip this year as well as looking ahead to our next KaYoga experience in Costa Rica for 2014.  As the yoga instructor for Seascapes programs, I have been with Seascape since 2008 and am committed to a shared vision of sustainable tourism.

Yoga literally comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which is to yoke or join together.  When we get that we are connected to everything else, our desire to protect our environment is a natural instinct.  Being out on the water is a great way to be present, and in this day and age of constant media, it is a nice way to literally unplug.

In addition to teaching yoga for close to 15 years, I also am a movement therapist and anatomy teacher, and in that capacity look at our physical asana (yoga pose) practice to help balance our kayaking experience (see my article in Sea Kayaker on “A Place of Balance” – October 2010).  We want to feel the best we can in our bodies.  The human capacity towards wellness, physical and mental, is great.  Sometimes though, we get stuck on the way there and need a literal guide to help us through.  Just as Bruce and the rest of the Seascape  guides know how to navigate out on the water, I am a guide for my students and clients in the body.  I know the charts and orientation, but you still have to do the “paddling” to progress!

I love exploring new and challenging poses, but wish to emphasize that there is space on our trips for all levels of practice (whether you like to stand on your head, or on your feet, or sit in a chair!) and I like to make space for all to feel comfortable in that exploration.  Finding that joy in feeling good in one’s on body can make a sea kayaking weekend or week retreat incredibly powerful.
Come join us for one of the upcoming trips and find the joy in this powerful combination.  The summer KaYoga trip will be August 23rd weekend, 2013.   Look for Costa Rica dates for 2014 soon!


Lauri Nemetz, MA, BC-DMT, ERYT, LCAT


Thanks Lauri, looking forward to co- leading these programs in Canada and Costa Rica. The name for our Canadian Kayoga programs is Ebb and Flow which reflects the powerful dynamic energy of the Bay of Fundy tides and the incredible marine life this ecosystem supports. It also reflects our personal energy cycle and how we can find a sense of place and ourselves in the process… I think you will find that this is a central part of all our experiences. We look forward to welcoming you to our special place on the Bay of Fundy this summer.
Let the magic unfold….


Seascape Costa Rica

The season flowed nicely in Costa Rica. The Pacific coast was blessed with late falling rain in early December and very little wind throughout the typical windy season. The popularity of Tauck Tours Culturious in Costa Rica continues to grow. It is very rewarding to expose older guests to kayaking and an exceptional ocean environment. We always receive kudos from particpants for our quality of instruction and safety… Not to mention fun and the experience of a deep six – a cold water.. er.. warm water plunge in open ocean. Tambor Tropical guests enjoyed guided sea kayak trips in Bahia Tambor and Reserva Curu. We have developed a partnership with Tango Mar, a nearby resort this season. A trip to the Nicoya Peninsula wouldn’t be complete without a trip on the ocean. We are happy to do this in a sustainable, natural way… Nature Air our internal airline partner will feature an article on Seascape in the April / May edition of Landings, their inflight magazine. All our guests for multi day trips this season have participated on previous experiences with Seascape either in Costa Rica or Canada…

Perfect weather, wildlife, engaging personalites and wonderful meals… Pura Vida…

Thank You Peter McKinstry

Peter McKinstry was a big part of the leadership team this season in Costa Rica.. Muchisimo Gracias amigo… We have one multi day trip and several full day trips remaining in Costa Rica and then our attention will focus once again on programs in Canada.