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"We specialize in small group travel, which minimizes environmental impact, increases safety standards and allows for personalized, enriching and authentic experiences."

— Bruce Smith, founder and owner, Seascape Kayak Tours Inc.

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Newfoundland: A favorite kayak tripAugust 10th, 2009

Today’s blog entry is submitted by Jane Touchie of Fredericton, New Brunswick, who participated in a multi-day trip in late June and early July. The photos are submitted by fellow kayaker Roxanne Martel.



I am an experienced kayaker, having done many guided and unguided trips in Newfoundland, the Maritimes, and Maine. My recent trip with Seascape Kayak Tours to the Bay of Exploits has to rank among my favorite kayaking experiences.

Here are some of the aspects of the trip that made it wonderful:

The beauty of the natural landscape, bird life, whales and other marine life in Newfoundland, plus witnessing an enormous iceberg roll over.

Excellent guides who placed safety as the first priority and also fostered comradeship, skill learning and team building. They were always asking and in touch with the clients’ desires for what they wanted from the trip, and on a given day we did a lot of paddling or a little based on what we wanted to achieve that day.



The food was excellent.

The friendliness of the Newfoundlanders was amazing. I had difficulty with the airline getting to Newfoundland, and the Seascape staff supported me through the frustrations of my air plane woe-be-gones with customer service that was exemplary.

Finally, the Seascape kayak experience offers something I have never encountered before. A real reverent relation with the sea, land and wildlife that went beyond “leave no trace” camping. We endeavored to connect to the wild place on a spiritual level. We weren’t just paddling, we were being there, in the moment.

We had lots of fun and just enough challenges. Altogether it was a wonderful experience (except my sunburned hands!) It was well worth the fee and I hope to paddle with Seascape again in the future.



Wonderful Newfoundland Paddling TripJuly 27th, 2009

Thank you Bruce, Frances, Guy and Tom for an absolutely wonderful trip in Newfoundland. We have been showing off our photos to anyone who will sit and hear us rant on about our trip.

From the hospitality of Judi and John, to the great guidance from Guy and Tom and the sheer wonder of experiencing the beauty of the Bay of Exploits from the viewpoint of the kayak, we have only great things to say about our trip.

We certainly did benefit from some unexpected and glorious weather; we were actually hoping for cloud cover by the end of the trip. We also had the chance to experience a wide variety of paddling conditions and we  enjoyed some of the challenges the more vigorous waters presented to us. We are also happy that we were able to learn from each of the situations and gain more confidence in our paddling and kayak maneuvers.  

The presence of Guy and Tom as our guides was also a huge part of the enjoyment of our trip. Their guidance, teaching  and confidence in us helped us to enjoy and learn from the new situations and the experience of this kind of kayak/camping trip. They treated us beautifully. We also enjoyed their uniqueness as each one shared with us the benefits of their experience and their expectations of us on the trip. They are also wonderful gentlemen and were great companions on our journey.

A big thank you to Frances for helping us get everything organized for our trip. This trip is one of the highlights of all of our travels.  

We are sure to find ourselves back in the Bay of Fundy at some point as we look forward to more opportunities to explore the world of kayaking with you and your crew. Wishing you a great summer ahead.

- Roxanne Martel, Montreal, Quebec, 7-day trip in Bay of Exploits